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Loop by Xero

Loop - Xero

Linear light has never been so curvy! This is the Loop by Xero Lighting, a unique curved profile used to create bespoke feature luminaires of all different shapes and sizes.

Jilly by ERCO

Jilly - ERCO

Jilly is a highly efficient track-mounted flat panel luminaire designed with visual comfort, luminous efficacy and adaptable, dynamic office environments in mind.

Eloise by Diomede

Eloise - Diomede

Eloise is a wall or ceiling-mounted luminaire that is robust for outdoor environments and looks modern and stylish. IP65 weatherproof, die-cast aluminium and polycarbonate lens. 

Erco Beamer

Beamer - ERCO

The Beamer is a powerful new projector luminaire by ERCO, built for highly effective illumination of features with no spill, zero glare and maximum visual comfort.

Vibia Plusminus

Plusminus - Vibia

A unique and versatile lighting solution unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! 6 different dimmable luminaire options fitted to a flexible conductive fabric strap.

Diomede Metoo

Metoo - Diomede

A bi-directional wall or ceiling-mounted Italian-made LED luminaire with a die-cast aluminium body and polycarbonate diffuser. Built to last and suitable for harsh marine environments.

Erco Parscan

Parscan - ERCO

The Parscan is a powerful and effective LED track-mounted luminaire available in 6 sizes, 12 interchangeable optics, filters, tunable white and RGBW with digital connectivity.

Accent 5

Accent 5 - Gardens at Night

The Accent 5 is a garden spike light for illuminating plants and garden features. It’s built tough, IP66 sealed and made from corrosion-resistant brass with in-built thermal protection.

Italo 1

Italo 1 - AEC Illumination

The Italo range is a popular pole-top luminaire for street and urban lighting applications. With three body sizes and a suite of optics, the Italo is a perfect solution for outdoor projects.


Palma - Vibia

The Palma is a feature arrangement combining dimmable glass globe luminaires with hanging plants on an almost imperceptible cable mounting system, resulting in this ‘floating’ effect.

RBW Crisp

Crisp - RBW

A versatile flush mount bulkhead suitable for wall or ceiling mounting. The shade is made from solid rippled glass, creating a subtle textural detail within the environment.

Limelite Linear 100

Linear 100 - Limelite

The Linear 100 is a slim panel luminaire suitable for plaster and tiled ceilings, or surface mounted as a batten. Limelite is Australian-owned with all fittings manufactured in Victoria.